Acupressure: Boosting your dog’s immunity.

Keeping your dog’s immune system strong and balanced is one of the keys to keeping him healthy. Find out how a simple acupressure session can help boost his immunity.
It’s no exaggeration to say that your dog’s immune system is critical. His health depends on how well it protects him from infectious diseases as well as other pathogens and toxins that lurk in the environment, food and even your home. Any breakdown in the immune system means your dog’s health can easily be compromised. Fortunately, there are many ways to boost his immunity, including this simple acupressure session you can do at home.

The immune system has a big job to do. Your dog is constantly bombarded with allergens and toxins from plants, insects, fertilizers and household chemicals. Visits to the park or daycare expose him to bacterial and viral pathogens. If his immune system is strong, no problem, he stays healthy. In fact, moderate daily exposure to allergenic irritants and other pathogens can strengthen his immune system. Your dog’s natural resistance increases when he is exposed to pathogens that challenge him.

Health problems occur when your dog’s body is unable to resist pathogens because his immune system is weakened. Allergies, respiratory problems, digestive disorders, inflammation and other immune-mediated diseases are all caused by a weakened immune system, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

TCM is all about the immune system

According to TCM, all health problems can be attributed to the body’s ability to resist external pathogens and maintain internal balance. The keyword is “balance”. Health is maintained when chi, the life force, flows smoothly and evenly through the body. Any disruption of the smooth and balanced flow of chi and blood disrupts the balance of the body.

When there is an imbalance between chi and blood, the health of the animal is affected. The chi cannot invigorate the body, and the blood cannot moisten and nourish it. This in turn leads to an inability of the internal organs to function properly. A domino effect occurs when the immune system weakens and your dog becomes susceptible to pathogens.

Chinese medicine practitioners focus on restoring and maintaining a balanced and harmonious flow of chi and blood. Chi and blood flow along energy pathways called meridians throughout the dog’s body. Along these meridians are energy reservoirs called “acupoints”.

We can act on the circulation of chi and blood by stimulating certain acupoints.

For example, the lungs are responsible for generating and distributing protective or defense chi, also called wei chi. Protective chi is the chi of the immune system and defends the dog against external pathogens, such as cold or heat, which can enter the body and disrupt the balanced circulation of chi and blood. We can select specific acupuncture points, known from thousands of years of clinical observation, that enhance the ability of the lungs to perform their immune system strengthening role.

Acupressure session to strengthen the immune system.

The only difference between acupressure and acupuncture is that acupressure does not use needles to stimulate the acupoints; you can use your thumb or index finger. By following the attached acupressure chart to strengthen the immune system, you can support your dog’s health, help him maintain a balanced flow of chi and blood, and boost his immunity.

Each of the four acupuncture points chosen for this session is commonly used to boost immunity. Remember to stimulate these points on both sides of your dog’s body.

Lung 7 (Lu 7), Lie Que, Broken Sequence — Regulates and supports lung function and promotes protective Wei chi for the benefit of the immune system.

Large Intestine 4 (LI 4), He Gu, Adjacent Valley — This point is known to directly stimulate protective chi function.

Large Intestine 11 (LI 11), Qu Chi, Pond in the Curve — LI 11 has many energetic properties; one of them is to promote immune stimulation through the energetic development of protective Wei chi while cleansing the Lungs of excess fluid.

Stomach 36 (St 36), To San Li, Three Mile Leg — St 36 also has a considerable number of properties and is the go-to acupoint for metabolic problems as well as improving lung function and protective chi.

These four acupuncture points are powerful allies when it comes to your dog’s immune system being able to protect him from disease. Regular acupressure sessions, combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, will allow you to relax and have fun when walking your dog, knowing that his body is strong and healthy.



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Community Manager at Digital Marketing, Blogger and Online Business consulter, Provide Digital Marketing Services